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SM 145677-2008

Title Internal Quality Assurance at Serbian Universities
Project TypeGovernance Reform
Target Countries RS
Subject Area932 - Quality Assurance Mechanisms
Objective1. Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) framework for Serbian universities adopted at the national level
2. IQA Centers (IQAC) established and adequately equipped at each partner country university
3. Information system for support of IQ evaluations and data analyses established at each university
4. Teaching staff, administrative staff and students fully educated about and actively participating in all the IQA activities
5. Project results disseminated to HE community and interested stakeholders
6. Project sustainability ensured
7. Project quality control provided
8. Project management conducted successfully.

Univerzitetski trg 2
Niš, RS

Prof. Vesna Lopicic

Vice-rector for international relations

+381 (0) 18257 970

Duration 3 years
Tempus Grant 491,869.00 Euro
Other Partners

•UNIVERSITY OF BELGRADE , RS; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Prof. Miodrag Lazarevic, +381 11 2685261, misha@vet.bg.ac.rs

•University of Novi Sad, RS; Faculty of Technical Sciences, Prof. Veljko Malbasa, +381 21 450032, malbasa@uns.ac.rs

•University of Kragujevac, RS; Prof. Ruzica Nikolic, ruzicaрnikolic@yahoo.com +381 34 370270

•University of Arts (Belgrade), RS; Faculty of Music, Prof. Milos Zatkalik, +381 11 2625166, mzatkali@eunet.rs

•Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, BG
•National Council for Higher Education of Serbia, RS
•Middlesex University, UK
•University of Zilina, SK

•University of Novi Pazar, RS; Prof. Bratislav Miric, +381 20 317752, marko.miric@gmail.com